Paradise in Raja Ampat

Paradise in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a series of four beautiful island in Indonesia. It's located in West Papua province, Indonesia. The island is now a popular destination divers from various country.  Many peopleinterested in the beauty of the underwater scenery is extraordinary. Four islands that are members called Waigeo Island, Misool Island, Salawati Island, and Batanta Island. This is incredible and very beautiful.

Waigeo Island Is 
The Largest Of Four Main Island Raja Ampat Islands in Papua. The island is located in the province of West Papua Sorong City nearby.

Three Island Largest Cluster It is Salawati, and Misool Batanta. There Waigeo island Wasai City, the capital of Raja Ampat, Located In The West Island.

Waigeo island is also a haven for diving, many are Pulau-Pulau Batu, beautiful bays walled towering cliffs.

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Holiday to Bali

Holiday to Bali

Holiday to Bali

Tourist beaches in Bali

The beautiful island of Bali is located in Indonesiain southeast asia. Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches. If you go to Bali, it is not complete if you do not visit the beautiful beaches in Bali. and here are the beautiful beaches :


Kuta beach is a very beautiful beach and it’s very appropriate for you if you like surfing and travel because Kuta beach has hard waves. So u may be enjoy it.
Around the Kuta beach there are also many pubs, bars, live music, karaoke and discotheque. And at night, Kuta is never quiet, and the road along the Kuta beach you can see a lot of knick-knacks seller surfing or craft items. You can also stay at Hard Rock Beach Club in here. What a beautiful day..!!

In the evening at Jimbaran beach there are many cafes that lined the beach, here you can eat typical foods of sea coast fishermen arrested immediately.

Dream land beach is the one beautiful beach in Bali beside Kuta beach. This beach is located in Pecatu (Uluwatu). The beach is so beautiful and visitors are not as busy as in the Kuta beach. You will feel comfortable in Dream land beach, and enjoy surfing.
The trip to the dream land beach, that is 30 minutes from Kuta beach and then headed toward Jimbaran then Pecatu, and reached to dream land beach.
Dreamland beach area is currently being developed as a tourist area of Bali Pecatu Resorts complete with 18-hole golf courses, international schools, international hospitals, shopping malls and other tourist facilities.

Sanur beach is a beach that located in Bali. It’s a very beautiful beach. Sanur beach is located in the east of Denpasar, as far as 17 km from the Denpasar city. At Sanur beach you can do water sports. In addition we can sun bathe and sight see the beautiful natural beach around us.

At Sanur beach, we can enjoy the black sand beaches, and white sand.  Star hotels, and one 11-story hotel in Bali, and many luxurious five-star hotels such as the Bali Hyatt, Sanur Beach, Puri Santrian, and others.


Nusa Dua beach has white sand and many 5 star hotels along the beach such as: Hotel Hilton, Sheraton, Sol Melia Hotels, Hotel Club Med and others. same as in Sanur beach, watersport attractions are also available in here.
And for you all whom love water game, you can go to Tanjung Benoa. Because Tanjung Benoa is known as a center for water attractions such as parasailing, banana boat, Jet Ski, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, GlassBottom Boat + Turtle Island and other water sports can be enjoyed here. The beach here is not choppy and quiet so it is very safe and comfortable if you bring your kids to this beach.
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Te papa museum wellington

Te papa museum wellington

Entertainment at Te Papa Museum
Te papa museum Wellington is the national museum in Wellington, New Zealand. It has  an extensive exhibition space. You can learn about the geological forces that shape the island, or you can learn the tradition of the first New Zealand-speaking population. Here you can also explore the thrift store, and art. You and the kids certainly enjoyed exploring Thermal Wonderland Wai-o-Tapu in Rotoroa - in Unearthing. Holiday of New Zealand is so fun.

Ferry ride to Matiu-Somes Island
After visit Te papa museum Wellington, we can go to a former island prison camp and quarantine zone may not be a choice of attractions, but Matiu-Somes in Wellington Harbour is worth to visit. You can take a ferry from Queen's Wharf, but make sure to ship's crew, to ask them to stop there. The island is a great place to walk around and explore, but you have to know exactly what time the ferry will come pick – you. You don’t want to spend the night alone on the island, right?
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New zealand guided tours

New zealand guided tours

This is about New Zealnd guided tours. I will tell you some interesting places in New Zeand because Holiday of New Zealand is really fun. You can Enjoy delicious Coffee in Kelburn. In the western part of the Royal Botanic Gardens, there Kelburn Village, in Wellington New Zealand. The main street is full of cozy cafes, shops character, antiques place, and a unique bakery. This is the best place to linger over a cup of coffee or a meal. Make sure you also explore The Glen (liaison Kelburn and the Royal Gardens) to see the old Pohutakawa trees near the church of Saint Michael.

Dunedin in New Zealand is a strong sense of European cities,
At the Karori Sanctuary Trust, you will not feel they are in Wellington when entering the site Karori Sanctuary. Karori Sanctuary trust, there is a major island in the middle; rare plants and animals were sheltered in it. Even if you do a tour group there, where it still feels very peaceful with a strong rural atmosphere, despite being in the city. I am sure, you will feel very comfortable there.
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Holidays of New Zealand

Holidays of New Zealand

Wellington is the Capital City of New Zealand. The Travelers agreed, the city in the Pacific region is not to be missed. Because Wellington is a beautiful city with a combination of cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere,it's  easy for us to fall in love with Wellington. You will enjoy your Holidays of New Zealand.

Here are some tips for your trip to get there.

The tram ride to the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Wellington Cable Car runs between Lambton Quay and the top of the Botanic Garden, and it is the most direct way to get from the top part of the garden to Wellington's Central Business District.

Trams, or cable car, is one of the heritage cities that are still alive because of the support of the tourism industry. You must be like to hear the clink and clank along the tram ride to the top of the Royal Botanic Gardens. From up there, you can see the sights of Wellington charming. Royal Botanic Gardens are also widespread, there are a number of the pretty old buildings in it, and they really heartfelt arrange flowers in the garden.

The Wellington Botanic Garden in New Zealand first established in 1868, it covers 25 hectares of land on the side of the hill between Thorndon and Kelburn, near central Wellington.
The garden features 25 hectares of protected native forest, conifers, plant collections and seasonal displays. They also feature a variety of non-native species, including an extensive Rose Garden. They are classified as a Garden of National Significance by the Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture.

Okay, see another post in New Zealand guided tours.
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Things To Do In Sydney

Things To Do In Sydney

Things To Do In Sydney

Sydney, Australia
Sydney is the largest city in Australia and Sydney is the capital of the state of New South Wales. Sydney has the nickname of The Harbour City, The City of Villages, and The Emerald City. Since the number of immigrants who live and blend together, making Sydney as one of the cities in other parts of Asia multicultural Australia. The most famous places in Sydney that was one of the world's tourist icon is the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney city center is located in an area known as the Central Bussines District (CBD). As in the city of Melbourne, the CBD is the center where there are office buildings and is home to the wheels of the economy of this city. And here the center of some of the attractions you can explore. Before exploring the city of Sydney, you need to know where you'll be staying in Sydney. You can stay in cheap hotel as a backpacker or in Sydney harbour hotels

Things To Do In Sydney
For you who will be visiting Sydney, needs to know that there are many famous tourist attraction in Sydney is located in the city or outside the city. To help you decide which places to visit below is a list of the most common sights in Sydney:

Circular Quay
Circular Quay consists of sidewalks, pedestrian malls, parks and restaurants. Has a number of ferry port and a station

Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour is a harbor adjacent to the city center of Sydney, Australia. It is also a large recreational and pedestrian precinct is situated on western That Outskirts of the Sydney central business district.

King Cross
Kings Cross is an inner city housing in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Located about 2 kilometers east of Sydney's central business district

Harbour Bridge
Sydney Opera
Sydney Tower

Museums and places of worship : 
Museum NSW
St Mary's Cathedral
The Art Gallery of NSW
The Rock
Fauna parks and entertainment venues
Botanical Garden
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Luna Park
Milson point
Tarongga Zoo
The Koala Park Sanctuary in the Outer West

Mountains and Coast
Blue Mountain
Bondy / Manly

Chinatown - Paddy's Market
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Europe trip

Europe trip

Europe trip

Matryoshka - Typical of Russia Cute Dolls
Russia has a very unique doll, funny, and well known. Called matryoshka.
Russia is a typical matryoshka doll which when opened the matryoshka doll in it there is another smaller. One medium-size pieces matryoshka therein may consists of 10 pieces of doll or even more. More and more content will be more expensive and the price of the detail painting on the doll price is also more expensive, especially if the author is the artist or the 'Crafter hand' Russia must have known the price would be expensive. Prices ranged from approximately RUB 350 to RUB 25000, just choose not to expensive or cheap all nice and unique.

Matryoshka doll is said the idea came from Japan and there is already a trade mark and Russia since 1890. It is said that Maliutin Sergei, a Russian painter of Abramtsevo inspired by classic Japanese wooden doll Shichi Fuku Jin (7 Gods of fortune) and Fukurokuju (doll funny guy with a bald head). Enlist the help of his friend the painter was a craftsman to make a puppet and then painted. 

A unique, painting on the doll contains stories glow from the classic story Russia, heroism Tsarist Russia, and even those that are in demand today is about the 'American' s Friends' like Osama Bin Laden, if opened in it there is Saddam Hussein, was opened again there is Ahmadinejad and others.

The place to buy matryoshka dolls in Rusia :

Ismailovo Market - Moscow
This is a specialized craft market and the work of the Russia. Matryoshka are generally sold in the market is the standard of quality is less good but the price is very cheap. Size standard (consisting of 7-10 pieces) can be obtained at a price of EUR 300 - EUR 600. The atmosphere is obviously a very crowded market for the sale not only souvenirs but also clothing and all sorts of knick knacks home.

Old Arbat Street - Moscow
This is where the tourists on foot. Both ends of the roads closed to vehicles so that it only merchants and pedestrians only. There are many artists street artists.

Matryoshka size standard was added in RUB 20000 and there is also great with the content of almost 50 seeds at a price of RUB 50000, but all the shops here accept payment by credit card using Visa or Master Card.

Red Square - Moscow
In Red Square, usually street vendors also peddle matryoshka dolls. Quality is relatively the same as the Izmailovo market, but obviously at a price that is slightly more expensive because there are many tourist places. Not too many options because of the number of street vendors are also not much.

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